Cleaners Vs. Disinfectants: What 您 Need to Know


您’ve seen the commercials. 您 know the products. We’告诉我们,我们的房屋是所有细菌,孢子​​,细菌,霉菌和霉菌的真正温床。它’我们不是奇迹’所有与24/7作斗争的瘟疫。好吧,撇开讽刺,我想我们’在整个概念上有点超卖“disinfecting”。在某些情况下,您可能想消毒,但不要’无需对您家中的每个小角落和缝隙进行消毒“clean”。除此之外,机会非常多’不正确地使用消毒剂,根本没有效果。


第一条至关重要的信息是 a 清洁er does 不 disinfect, nor does a disinfectant 清洁. This means that if you whip out your all-purpose 清洁er to kill 那些讨厌的浴室细菌,你避风港’t actually done anything. And, if you whip out your disinfectant to 清洁 up that spilled orange juice, don’如果斑点仍然有臭味和粘性,请不要感到惊讶。

A traditional all-purpose 清洁er is designed to lift dirt off a surface. While many germs will be physically removed during this process (and ending your 清洁ing here is certainly adequate for much of the home), the all-purpose 清洁er won’一无所有。另一方面,消毒剂旨在杀死 细菌,细菌等 特殊成分吧 contains. It is 不 designed to lift dirt off a surface or make it shiny like an all-purpose 清洁er would.

所以在这里’s the key: if you want to 清洁 disinfect a surface, you need to begin by 清洁ing it—removing the dirt, using an all-purpose 清洁er—and then apply disinfectant afterward to get rid of the bacteria. 这称为“two-step” 清洁ing process.


随着更快,更好,更强大的产品的出现,我们’ve seen 清洁ers 消毒剂—”one step” 清洁ing products. Even still, using the one-step or 两步 process does 不 guarantee you a 清洁 和 disinfected surface, 和 here’为什么:我们经过培训(我可能还补充说那些广告)认为消毒剂可以在接触时起作用,因此您可以将消毒剂喷在Boom上!杀死细菌,然后将其擦去。不是这样阅读该产品的精美印刷品,您’会看到他们需要时间来工作。

Basically, any disinfectant (or 清洁er 和 disinfectant product) needs to sit for at least 5 to 10 minutes, WET, to kill any bacteria. Again, check the label on your product of choice to get the correct timeframe.

自己看看:这是 什么受欢迎的产品’网站必须说 this topic.

您’ll 不ice that they all refer you to the product label for proper 消毒 instructions. In fact, the “杀死所有细菌的99.9%”声明总是带有一个小星号,代表您指出这一点。换句话说,产品赢得了’除非正确使用,否则请进行消毒,请仔细阅读此博客文章。

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